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ASP Rankings









Herdy Wins

Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000 (MAY 23-June 1)

**Live Webcast on: www.quiksilver.com

Association of Surfing Professional (ASP) 2000 World Championship Tour (WCT)

Tavarua Island, Fiji (Thursday, June 1, 2000). Australian Luke Egan today became the first surfer to win two Quiksilver Pro titles when he defeated Brazilian Guilherme Herdy in their 35-minute final out at Cloudbreak 19.15 to 18.00-points. The victory was his second World Championship Tour (WCT) win of 14 years, after claiming his first back in 1997 during the Quiksilver Pro G-Land (Java, Indonesia), before the event was forced to move locations.

Luke Egan

Egan, 30, made the most of the deteriorating conditions during the final heat, electing to catch a few of the smaller waves and build his tally early, while Herdy waited in vain for the less consistent sets. Though the surf was still in the 6-foot range, increased wind made the wave faces very difficult to ride, and Herdy was left needing 5.16-points when the match finished.

"It doesn't get much better," laughed Egan as he boarded the marshaling boat victorious. 'Having your two best mates sitting there with you (referring to Australians Matt Hoy and Mark Occhilupo, who were first to congratulate him in the water). I did it to Occy last year when he won, and he just did it to me – it's the best.

In regard to the conditions, he reasoned: "It could have been better. The waves weren't very good and I decided to catch a couple of little ones and it worked. I just felt really on today and it's a great feeling."

Speaking about his second Quiksilver Pro title and now being placed second in the world after today's result, Egan added:

"Yeah, there's something good about this… Fiji Bitter (he joked as a local beer was handed to him mid-quote). I'm actually stoked to be the only guy to ever win this event twice and I've won it in two different spots. I feel good about that.

"I've been trying really hard and have made a lot of sacrifices, so I'm going for it (the world title)."

Herdy, rated 31st in the world at the end of last year, showed his talent in hollow lefts today defeating Hawaiian Shane Dorian in their quarter-final, American CJ Hobgood in the semi's, before meeting his match in Egan. The Brazilian is now rated sixth on the current ratings.


"Congratulations to Quiksilver for doing this contest one more time," said a beaming Herdy after the final. "I'm so stoked. I didn't win, but second place is very important for me for the points. I hope next event I have the same luck I had here and surf good waves.

"Congratulations to Luke, he won the heat and got the best waves. Second place here is like a dream though. Every surfer in the world dreams about this contest and to be here. I am one of those guys. I was in the water, was in the final, you know? It was a close heat and maybe if I had a little bit more time I could have got it, but no problem, I'm still stoked."

Equal third today went to Americans CJ Hobgood and Cory Lopez. Hobgood was unlucky during his semi-final with Herdy, as the waves just seemed to stop during the 30-minute clash.

"I just couldn't catch a wave," said Hobgood later. "There were great waves before our heat, but then nothing came. I felt I could have won, but that's just the way it goes."

Lopez, who has been suffering from a sore back the past couple of months, surfed great throughout the event, but similarly to Hobgood, was unable to find the waves he needed during his heat against Egan. Still, the result has pushed him into third position on the ratings.

Current world champion and defending Quiksilver Pro winner Mark Occhilupo was another casualty of Egan today, losing in their quarter-final. The close friends put on a fantastic performance, however, posting the two highest total scores of the entire event, with Egan earning a perfect 10-point ride to win the classic battle 26.70 to 25.25-points.

"There was a lull at the start of the heat and I didn't think it was going to turn on," explained Occhilupo. "I can't really think of any mistakes I made, maybe just going that 9.25 ride and letting Luke get that 10! I saw him get that second tube and he committed himself and deserved to win the heat – he surfed insane. I hope he wins; I pray he wins."

Egan, who did just that, summed up the incredible heat with 'Occy' as follows:


"We surf together a lot and when we get together for a heat we both push ourselves, I think, and have the all-time heats. It's an eerie feeling when we draw each other, as you know each other are going to try so hard. It's epic to have great heats like that with your mate."

Troy Brooks, 21, who entered the Quiksilver Pro as a replacement surfer for Great Britain's Russell Winter, finished fifth today, losing to Lopez in their quarter-final. In what was another great match-up, Brooks posted a 9.80-point ride, the highest of any natural-foot (left foot forward) surfer in the event, though still not enough to advance.

"I saw Cory's 9.40 and thought 'Oh, no,'" explained Brooks. "I needed a good one and got priority, then that bomb came. It barreled down the whole reef and I just came out. It does favor Goofy-footers out here, as you have to ride higher up the face on your backhand. For someone who wasn't expecting to even be in the event, though, you've got to be happy with fifth."

Official Results of Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000

1st L Egan (Aus) US$15,000

2nd G Herdy (Brz) US$8,000

3rd CJ Hobgood (USA); C Lopez (USA) US$4,000

5th T Prestage (Aus); S Dorian (Haw); T Brooks (Aus); M Occhilupo (Aus) US$3,000

Current ASP Ratings after Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000 (Top 10)

1st S Garcia (Haw) 3000-points

2nd L Egan (Aus) 2620

3rd C Lopez (USA) 2340

4th F Padaratz (Brz); Taj Burrow (Aus) 2260

6th G Herdy (Brz) 2160

7th M Occhilupo (Aus) 2140

8th S Dorian (Haw) 2110

9th L Hitchings (Aus) 2080

10th M Campbell (Aus); S Beschen (USA) 1910

Further Information Contact

Jesse Faen, ASP Int'l. Media Director
PH/Fax Answering Service: 1-212-699-3827 ext. 4282

Or visit us live at: www.asplive.com or www.quiksilver.com

Complimentary digital images available to all newspapers, websites, and magazines. Contact Pierre Tostee / ASP World Tour Photographer: pierre@tostee.com

Round 4:

Herdy Surfs a near Perfect Heat Defeating Garcia

Bassy's Quik Pro Update


Brazilian Guilerhme Herdy woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. He needed a near perfect heat to beat current WCT points leader Sunny Garcia, and he got it. Herdy started the heat off with a lengthy tube and he didn't look back. His wave selection and rhythm left Garcia battling from behind for most of the heat.


When Garcia did pick off a high scoring ride, Herdy would be right behind him on the next set wave. Herdy will be surfing against Shane Dorian in the Quarters. The quarter final match-ups are CJ Hobgood vs. Todd Prestage; Shane Dorian vs. Guillerhme Herdy; Troy Brooks vs. Cory Lopez; and Occy vs. Luke Egan. The remainder of the event will be held on a pending swell.

Round Three: Occy conquers slater; Garcia takes out Carroll; Wildcard Brooks beats Taj.

Bassy's Quiksilver Pro Fiji Update Day 4 (Friday May 26)

Current world champ Mark Occhilupo shook the monkey off his back by beating Kelly Slater in a thrilling round three heat at the Quiksilver Pro Fiji. Occy was understandablyecstatic after a disappointng loss to Slater last December in Hawaii. In that duel, Slater pulled a rabbit out of his hat by nabbing a last minute Backdoor tube, beating Occyin the semis of the Pipeline event.

Today day in Fiji, the tables were turned. Occy stroked inot a blustery left and proceeded to tear three big hooks under the lip followed by a clean inside tube section. A set wave rolled towards Slater as time wound down. The six time world champ ran out of magic and the horn sounded before he could get to his feet. "At Pipe last year, i had him (Slater) combo'd and he got a 10. He's a super freak surfer. This heat was much closer." explained Occy. "I haven't beaten him in an ASP man on man heat ever in ten years! I had a mental block there, and I got over it."

Prior to the Occy/Slater duel, current WCT points leader Sunny Garcia battled with goofy foot power merchant Tom Carroll. Garcia's wave selection and layback pigdog combos put him on top early, and he remained ther for the rest of the heat. Carroll pulled into some sectiony tubes that didn't cooperate. "It was kinda' crumbly out there, and that was probably to my advantage," explained Garcia. "Tom is an unbelievable tube rider, but with the wind shutting down the tubes, it helped me out."

Wildcard entrant Troy Brooks gave Garcia's run for the world title an added push forward when he battled and beat WCT number two surfer Taj Burrow in the bumpy lefts. Brooks seemed to frustrate Burrow with cunning use of wave priority as Burrow never found a proper rhythm. Brooks was given the wildcard spot due to the unfortunate illness of Ruseel Winter of Great Brittain.

It looks as if the swell is fading, and with only one full day of competition remaining, the waiting is on for a good solid clean swell. -Scott Bass


Tavarua Island, Fiji (Thursday, May 25, 2000). The Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000 was today postponed due to increased wind making a mess of the surf out of Cloudbreak. Four-to-six foot waves were still gracing the lineup, but with choppy conditions, contest organizers decided to pull the pin on round three, after originally placing it on hold in the morning.

Reigning world champ Mark Occhilupo takes on six-times ASP world champion Kelly Slater in round three.

A decision will be made early tomorrow morning regarding the continuation of the event.

Upcoming Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000 Round Three Match-ups

Heat 1: M Lowe (Aus) vs. CJ Hobgood (Brz)

Heat 2: F Padaratz (Brz) vs. R Williams (Haw)

Heat 3: P Rosa (Brz) vs. T Curran (USA)

Heat 4: M Campbell (Aus) vs. T Prestage (Aus)

Heat 5: S Dorian (Haw) vs. R Lovett (Aus)

Heat 6: L Hitchings (Aus) vs. R Rocha (Brz)

Heat 7: D Hobgood (USA) vs. G Herdy (Brz)

Heat 8: S Garcia (Haw) vs. T Carroll (Aus)

Heat 9: T Burrow (Aus) vs. T Brooks (Aus)

Heat 10: B Emerton (Aus) vs. S Lopez (USA)

Heat 11: C Lopez (USA) vs. T Knox (USA)

Heat 12: S Beschen (USA) vs. R Machado (USA)

Heat 13: M Occhilupo (Aus) vs. K Slater (USA)

Heat 14: R D Hardman (Aus) vs. Y Sodre (Brz)

Heat 15: L Egan (Aus) vs. F Gouveia (Brz)

Heat 16: V Ribas (Brz) vs. S Powell (Aus)

Further Information Contact

Jesse Faen, ASP Int'l. Media Director


PH/Fax Answering Service: 1-212-699-3827 ext. 4282

Or visit us live at: www.asplive.com http://www.asplive.com or www.quiksilver.com or www.bluetorch.com http://www.bluetorch.com


Tom Carroll

Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000 (MAY 23-June 2)

Association of Surfing Professional (ASP) 2000 World Championship Tour (WCT)

**Live Webcast on: www.quiksilver.com & www.bluetorch.com

Tavarua Island, Fiji (Wednesday, May 24, 2000). Two-time world champion (1983 & '84) Tom Carroll (Aus) today caused a major upset when he defeated world number-12 Jake Paterson (Aus) in perfect 6-foot conditions at Cloudbreak in the Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000. The Quiksilver-sponsored surfer received a wildcard position into the event and has already proved himself a danger man on the famed left-hand reef break against the top 45-rated surfers in the world.

Carroll, 38, who retired from full-time competition back in 1994, stated yesterday he believes he could go all the way to win the Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000. Today's result against Paterson helping to solidify this, with the kind of surfing that helped to earn him admirers all over the globe. He'll now meet current rating's leader Sunny Garcia (Haw) in round three.

"Jake's a really tough competitor so I figured out a game plan last night and just put it into action," Carroll explained afterward. "I wasn't feeling great this morning in that heat, but I'm stoked to have gotten through. It's perfect out there."

"I think these competitions always bring the best out of you and I think that's a great thing about competition," he said yesterday. "I think I can win the event. There's a big mountain there to climb, but there's a flag at the top and I can see myself up there. I've got to get through a lot of heats first, so we'll see how I go."

Paterson, 27, who's no slouch when it comes to surfing reef breaks as he proved winning the coveted Pipe Master's crown in 1998, had no luck today. He managed some explosive top-turns, but when surfing a hollow reef break like Cloudbreak, tubes are what the judges are looking for to reward the higher points.

"I knew Tom would be getting barreled and I would have to try and find some," Paterson admitted. "It's difficult on your backhand, and I just didn't find them. I got smashed out there."

Quiksilver's replacement surfer Troy Brooks (Aus) was another giant-killer today eliminating world number-10 Nathan Webster (Aus). Brooks was offered his position in the event when Great Britain's Russell Winter developed a blood infection last week in Tahiti and consequently had to pull out of Fijian event.

"After I fell on my first wave I was a bit shaken up, but then I managed to get barreled and boost my confidence," explained the 21-year-old Brooks. "I took a few deep ones and then with 30-seconds to go I pulled into my second tube on my last ride and was pitched onto the reef and snapped my board in half."

Brooks, who also competed in The Rip Curl Pro last month, went on to explain how he ended up in the event, and his thoughts moving into the next round against world number-two Taj Burrow (Aus).

"I was coming over here anyway, hoping if there were any injuries I might get a spot. Then Russell Winter said he couldn't make it due to a blood infection, and I was the only person here and managed to get it – I'm rapt.

"At Bells (for The Rip Curl Pro) it was my home break so I had confidence from that, plus all of my friends were there to support me. This is my first time to Fiji and my first experience was seeing 10-12 ft waves at Cloudbreak, which was a bit daunting, especially drawing the world champ in round one. It's tough, but there's no pressure on me to do well. I'm just going o cruise and hopefully get a few more good barrels."

Current world champion and defending event winner Mark Occhilupo (Aus) eased past his Fijian opponent Matia Waqa (pronounced 'Wonga') in their heat, defeating the trials winner 18.15 to 5.75-points. Still, Occy was all praise for the local surfer.

"It was a bit like a free-surf out there then, he didn't really get anything," said Occhilupo. "I was watching video footage of Matia from the trials last night and he surfed really well. It's a shame more Fijians aren't able to compete in the event, but I guess that will happen. I take my hat off to him."

Occhilupo will now face six-time world champion and last week's Gotcha Pro Tahiti winner Kelly Slater (USA) in the most eagerly anticipated match-up of the event so far.

Damien Hobgood (USA) secured the highest total heat score of the day when he defeated South African Paul Canning 24.55 to 11.00-points. Hobgood's twin brother CJ, also surfed a fantastic heat over Hawaiian Kalani Robb (23.90 to 21.80-points).

The single highest wave went to American Rob Machado in the last heat against Australian Glyndyn Ringrose. Machado needed a very good ride within the final minute, before slotting into a perfect barrel for a near-perfect score of 9.8 out-of-a possible 10-points.

Official Results of the Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000 Round Two

Heat 1: M Occhilupo (Aus) def. M Waqa (Fiji)

Heat 2: T Carroll (Aus) def. J Paterson (Aus)

Heat 3: T Brooks (Aus) def. N Webster (Aus)

Heat 4: F Padaratz (Brz) def. R Dornelles (Brz)

Heat 5: C Lopez (USA) def. T Martin (Aus)

Heat 6: L Hitchings (Aus) def. N Padaratz (Brz)

Heat 7: D Hardman (Aus) def. M Hoy (Aus)

Heat 8: B Emerton (Aus) def. K Malloy (USA)

Heat 9: D Hobgood (USA) def. P Canning (SAfr)

Heat 10: F Gouveia (Brz) def. A Daltro (Brz)

Heat 11: Y Sodre (Brz) def. D Wills (Aus)

Heat 12: CJ Hobgood (USA) def. K Robb (Haw)

Heat 13: S Powell (Aus) def. B Bourgeois (USA)

Heat 14: R Lovett (Aus) def. G Emslie (SAfr)

Heat 15: R Rocha (Brz) def. S Sutton (Haw)

Heat 16: R Machado (USA) def. G Ringrose (Aus)

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Jesse Faen, ASP Int'l. Media Director


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Mark Occhilupo

Tavarua Island, Fiji (Tuesday, May 23, 2000). Current world champion and defending event winner Mark Occhilupo (Aus) was today beaten in his first round heat of the Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000. His opponent, Brazilian Guilherme Herdy, found a great last ride to score 9.25 out-of-a possible 10-points and advanced straight into round three.

Occhilupo now moves into the 'sudden-death' round two matches, but with conditions remaining in the 6-8 ft range, and sets still reaching 10-foot, the 33-year-old was excited about the prospect of being able to surf Cloudbreak an extra time.

"I didn't have a very good heat and I think I rode too long a board," he reasoned afterward. "I wanted to swap boards, but I just got beaten on my last wave when Herdy got that good one. It's alright, I get to surf another heat at Cloudbreak, so I'm excited about that. The waves this year have been awesome, so we're having a ball."

Herdy was ecstatic about his win, however, explaining that despite many tries, he had never defeated Occhilupo previously.

"I'm so stoked to win that heat 'cause I've had a few heats with Occy and never beaten him," he said. "I got the wave which was a really good one, with two barrels, not too deep, but real fun. I'm so stoked (laughs)."

Current ratings leader Sunny Garcia (Haw) furthered his world title campaign tod .y winning his first round heat. Having won the first two World Championship Tour (WCT) events of the year, Garcia bowed-out in the fourth round of last week's Gotcha Pro Tahiti event, though still managed to extend his points lead. Despite almost drowning while warming up for the Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000 yesterday, Garcia was in fine-form during his 30-minute bout against Australian Beau Emerton and local Fijian Quiksilver Pro trials' winner Matia Wonga.

"The waves yesterday were big and I almost drowned, so it was nice the waves came down a little," Garcia explained. "I was lucky and found a couple of smaller waves which didn't barrel, but peeled. Beau gave me a good run, but fortunately for me, he didn't get the waves."

Wonga, 27, who was born near Fiji's main airport in Nadi, has lived on Tavarua Island since he was 16. Despite proclaiming his pride at being able to represent his country in the event, he was disappointed the waves didn't offer better tubes for him to show-off his local knowledge and barrel-riding skills.

"It's pretty tough for me, it was a really hard heat," he stated. "I was really hoping the wind would be right today and there would be more barrels, but today is sort of crumbling. Still, I'm so stoked to be representing my country and the Island."

Six-time world champion and last week's Gotcha Pro Tahiti champion Kelly Slater (USA) picked up right where he left off in Polynesia, defeating Australian Nathan Webster and Brazilian Yuri Sodre. Slater didn't have a great heat, but still managed to find the points he needed.

"I got cleaned up by the bigger sets a whole bunch out there," he said. "At the end I needed a 1.75 and I just snuck a wave with like 20-30 seconds to go.

"I feel pretty good and I know Cloudbreak pretty well," he added. "We'll just have to see what the swell does. Hopefully it will be big like the other day. It was real exciting out here, so hopefully it gets good like that."

Current world number two Taj Burrow, on the other hand, surfed a great heat against fellow Aussie and two-time world champion Tom Carroll. Despite staying in the same room as Carroll, Burrow admitted how glad he was with his win, as Carroll had been provoking him in the lead-up to their match.

"I was feeling really confident and my board felt great," explained Burrow. "Tom and I are staying together, so every time we've passed each other he's been like, 'Come on you little punk' (laughs). I'm glad I got him."

Carroll, 38, who was actually told he'd won the heat as he paddled in, was still enthusiastic after realizing he placed second. Having retired from the full-time competition years ago, Carroll happily accepted a wildcard position into the Quiksilver Pro Fiji, and is confident of his chances going into the next round.

"I got a bum steer, but I can take it," laughed Carroll about thinking he'd won. "It's fantastic surfing against these guys, having the chance to surf against Taj, the world number two. We really went out there and gave it to each other.

"I think these competitions always bring the best out of you and I think that's a great thing about competition," he continued. "I think I can win the event. There's a big mountain there to climb, but there's a flag at the top and I can see myself up there. I've got to get through a lot of heats first, so we'll see how I go."

The day's highest total scorer turned out to be Ross Williams (22.65 out-of-a possible 30-points) in the very last heat against fellow Hawaiian Shawn Sutton and Australian Luke Hitchings. While Hawaiian Kalani Robb took top honors in the highest single wave category, posting the only perfect 10-point ride of the event, despite finishing second to Brazilian Peterson Rosa.

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Tahitian Dancers

Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000 (MAY 23-June 2)

Association of Surfing Professional (ASP)

2000 World Championship Tour (WCT)

Mark Occhilupo

Tavarua Island, Fiji (Monday, May 22, 2000). The top 45 rated surfers in the world plus three wildcard entrants were officially welcomed today by Fijian chiefs on Tavarua Island, the setting for this year's Quiksilver Pro Fiji 2000. With the event scheduled to begin tomorrow morning and perfect 8-10 ft conditions already present, this afternoon's ceremony saw traditional Kava drinking, as well as a blessing offered to competitors.

 Sunny Garcia

Ratu Kini Vosilagi, chief of all Western Fiji, gave the following address:

"We welcome you with all our hearts and it's been an honour and a privilege to be here with you and see what you are going to do."

Six-time world champion and winner of the Gotcha Pro Tahiti last week, Kelly Slater (USA), heads the list of invited wildcards into the event along with two-time world champion Tom Carroll (Aus). Local Fijian surfer Wonga Tavarua, who received a wildcard spot last year, secured his place in the main event when he took out the Quiksilver Pro trials a few days ago in excellent 6-8 ft conditions at Cloudbreak.

Great Britain's Russell Winter is still hospitalized with blood poising which he developed while in Tahiti, and has been replaced by Quiksilver-sponsored Troy Brooks (Aus).

Tavarua Island and the Quiksilver Fiji Pro both remain unaffected by the political upheavals that have erupted in the country's capital, Suva, in recent days.

Tahitian Dancers

Official Quiksilver Pro Fiji First Round Match-ups

Heat 1: S Dorian (Haw) vs. G Emslie (SAfr) vs. K Malloy (USA)

Heat 2: C Lopez (USA) vs. S Powell (Aus) vs. T Prestage (Aus)

Heat 3: L Egan (Aus) vs. CJ Hobgood (USA) vs. M Hoy (Aus)

Heat 4: F Padaratz (Brz) vs. T Curran (USA) vs. N Padaratz (Brz)

Heat 5: N Webster (Aus) vs. Y Sodre (Brz) vs. K Slater (USA)

Heat 6: M Campbell (Aus) vs. A Daltro (Brz) vs. T Martin (Aus)

Heat 7: J Paterson (Aus) vs. S Lopez (USA) vs. R Dornelles (Brz)

Heat 8: S Garcia (Haw) vs. B Emerton (Aus) vs. W Tavarua (Fiji)

Heat 9: T Burrow (Aus) vs. D Hobgood (USA) vs. T Carroll (Aus)

Heat 10: M Occhilupo (Aus) vs. G Herdy (Brz) vs. T Brooks (Aus)

Heat 11: L Hitchings (Aus) vs. S Sutton (Haw) vs. R Williams (Haw)

Heat 12: S Beschen (USA) vs. G Ringrose (Aus) vs. P Canning (SAfr)

Heat 13: V Ribas (Brz) vs. R Machado (USA) vs. F Gouveia (Brz)

Heat 14: M Lowe (Aus) vs. R Rocha (Brz) vs. D Wills (Aus)

Heat 15: P Rosa (Brz) vs. R Lovett (Aus) vs. K Robb (Haw)

Heat 16: D Hardman (Aus) vs. B Bourgeois (USA) vs. T Knox (USA)

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Jesse Faen, ASP Int'l. Media Director jesse@aspworldtour.com

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